If you have these popular toys in your home, you could sell them for up to $4,000

These old toys can bring in big money today.

If you have these popular toys in your home, you could sell them for up to $4,000

These old toys can bring in big money today. Here are the ones you need to find in your cupboards to make money easily.

Flea markets and flea markets are becoming ever more popular, taking advantage of the return of “vintage” fashion for almost all types of objects. Those that have seen their popularity rise in recent years are vinyls and thrift stores. However, for other people it's about finding that rare gem, a unique or valuable object. This is why attics can contain more treasures than meets the eye. Toys from the 1980s/1990s or even older ones can fetch a lot today.

The flagship toys of yesterday but which are still there today are the big winners. Barbies, for example, are eternal and have recently seen their popularity brought back to the forefront thanks to the film adaptation in 2023. Special editions such as those for Christmas or those representing celebrities can be very expensive. Older dolls, if kept in their original packaging, can be worth up to 10,000 euros.

The figurines are also highly sought after toys by collectors. Certain universes are particularly popular. Power Rangers figurines, for example, released at the same time as the famous series in the 1990s, can now be worth up to 3,000 euros. In the same spirit, Ninja Turtles and Transformers figurines can bring in several hundred euros depending on the model. Same thing for figurines from the Jurassic Park universe. The first figurines released after the success of the first film in 1993 can reach 400 euros. Star Wars toys are also must-haves whose value continues to increase. For example, a model of the famous Falcon Millennium ship can also cost up to almost 3,000 euros.

Other iconic toys from the 1990s are now worth several hundred euros. Furbys, these curious little interactive colorful soft toys are one of them. The original version could be worth up to 370 euros. More surprisingly, the famous Pez brand candy dispensers have also increased in value. Even if the new versions already excite collectors, the old editions would fetch up to 2,500 euros. In another style, the small cars of the Hot Wheels brand can today approach the price of a real car. Some models, like the pink Hot Wheels Porsche from 1987, in fact cost around 4,000 euros.

With the arrival of video games on the market, the first editions of certain games and consoles are among the objects most cherished by contemporary collectors. The Nintendo universe of course comes first. The Nintendo 64 version of Mario Kart dating from 996 can be resold for around 70 euros and up to around 300 euros if the game is in its original box. In this same category, the famous GameBoy remains a must. This game marketed between 1998 and 2003 can be worth up to 3000 euros today. The little Japanese Tamagotchis that remained attached to children's backpacks until the early 2000s can now be worth several hundred euros. A sum which can go up to 1000 euros in the case of special editions, like the "Devilgotchi" released in 1997, provided that it is new.