History-geo subject at the baccalaureate (specialty): what to expect?


History-geo subject at the baccalaureate (specialty): what to expect?

SUBJECTS HISTORY GEO SPECIALTY. On March 20 and 21, 2023, high school students who have chosen the HGGSP specialty will take their exam counting for the baccalaureate. What should they expect?

Spring is coming, with the baccalaureate specialty exams. From the Première class, the high school students follow specialty courses from among 11 possibilities: three are chosen in Première, then only two are kept in Terminale. If history-geography is taught for everyone in high school, students can deepen the discipline by choosing, in addition, the specialty "History-geography, geopolitics and political science" (HGGSP). "The teaching also offers a political treatment, on a national and international scale, of major questions with a historical dimension", specifies the National Education. After two years of following this specialty, the final exam is approaching. It is scheduled on two dates: Monday March 20 and Tuesday March 21, 2023, from 2 p.m. to 6 p.m. in mainland France and Mayotte (French time) and from 8 a.m. to 12 p.m. in Guadeloupe, Guyana, Martinique and Saint-Pierre -et-Miquelon (Antilles time). Students will not take the test twice: two slots are provided because all specialty tests are concentrated over three days. However, with 11 events in total, it is impossible to make a single schedule without duplicates.

When they find themselves in front of the subject, the students will have four hours to work on a dissertation and a critical study of the document. But what will be the theme of the day? If the secret will be well kept until the last moment, baccalaureate candidates will have one of the six themes covered during the teaching of the HGGSP specialty: "New spaces of conquest", "Making war, making peace: forms of conflict and methods of resolution", "History and memories", "Identifying, protecting and enhancing heritage: geopolitical issues", "The environment, between exploitation and protection: a planetary issue", "The challenge of knowledge ". Themes that compile history, geography, political science and geopolitics.

To this end, the high school students worked on the conquest of space, seas and oceans by China, the conflicts in the Middle East, the genocide of the Jews and the Gypsies, the heritage of France, the question of environment in the United States and the conflicts and cooperation around cyberspace.

Last year, the conquest of space, the United States and the environment, maritime spaces and new forms of warfare were the topics proposed for the dissertation. The evolution of forms of warfare and the protection of the environment were the themes chosen for the study of the document. As the test approaches, find below examples of answers to last year's HGGSP specialty test.

Here are answers to the exercises for the history-geography specialty test, written by an associate professor. The answers offered below are safe and allow candidates to discover the answers or at least the milestones that should be followed in their copy.

For the HGGSP baccalaureate, the main expected was the construction of a dissertation, the development of a detailed argument and the realization of a critical study. In addition, the proposed topics required an in-depth knowledge of certain aspects of the program: after the conquest of space and the United States and the environment on Wednesday, the essay topics on Thursday focused on "maritime spaces" as "object of rivalries and cooperation" and "the new forms and logics of war in the 21st century". The third topic was a critical document review exercise. On Thursday, its theme was "uses and representations of the environment". On Wednesday, a first group of candidates had already worked on the History-Geo subjects for the 2022 baccalaureate and had to work for their part on "the evolution of the forms of war". Find all the subjects and the details of the exercises submitted to baccalaureate candidates thanks to our partner Studyrama.

Topics for Thursday May 12 HGGSP:

Although the history-geography test is organized a few months before the written and oral French, philosophy and grand oral tests, the results could not be known until the publication of all the results, namely from Tuesday July 4, 2023.