Here it all starts from October 14, 2022: Axel injured by Theo (spoilers)


Here it all starts from October 14, 2022: Axel injured by Theo (spoilers)

HERE IT ALL STARTS. In the next episode of ITC on the TV program on Friday October 14, Emmanuel makes the decision to demote his son after a serious incident in the kitchen. Summary in advance and spoilers.

In Here everything begins on October 14, 2022, tensions have been exacerbated between Axel and Théo since Teyssier chose to replace his son with his nephew. In fact, Theo tries to take revenge by pushing him to the limit in the kitchen. Dissatisfied with the seasoning of a broth, the chef of the Double A calls him to account but Axel insists on tasting the preparation, convinced that he has seasoned it perfectly. Furious, Theo throws the dish and scalds his cousin who has to be treated in the infirmary. Despite the pleas of his wife Constance, Emmanuel plans reprimands for his son whom he considers "unmanageable". He announces his demotion to the rank of second in the Double A while Greg and Mehdi are both promoted to co-chiefs.

At the same time, in the ITC episode on the TF1 TV program on Friday, Anaïs and Salomé learn that they will both have the opportunity to do an internship with Chef Meyer, who taught the beginning of the master's module at the Institute. In their absence, it is Charlène who will be appointed chef of the ephemeral restaurant. An appointment that rewards a very good idea she had before the service. The Teyssier daughter is delighted, as is her friend Livio. Emmanuel however goes to see him later in the episode to warn him that he must keep his distance from his daughter if he does not simply want to be fired!

Finally, still in this episode 509 of Here it all begins on October 14, the arrival of Lisandro's friend in the region brings back many memories. She also tells him that she is looking for a place to organize the flair-bartending championships, this discipline that combines mixology and juggling. Lisandro immediately thinks of the Institute and will propose the idea to Antoine and Emmanuel who both validate. However, Teyssier has one condition to bring, as often, it is absolutely necessary that the prize goes to the Institute! It will therefore be necessary to take care of the cast as much as possible. David and Ethan propose but are both turned down. Would Lisandro be able to present himself for the Institute?