Good fan deal: a pedestal fan for only around twenty euros!


Good fan deal: a pedestal fan for only around twenty euros!

GOOD PLAN FAN. Regularly sought after during the summer, the fans take advantage of the high temperatures to display attractive promotions at various merchants.

Are you looking for a fan for this summer? But you hadn't really planned this last-minute purchase, and you don't want to amputate your budget for the holidays? Many consumers are in your case, and brands know it well. This is why several large brands regularly offer promotions and fan references at very low prices during the summer. This is particularly the case of CDiscount which has several very interesting offers according to your needs and your budget.

Among the cheapest fans on the market, there are several models of the Oceanic brand. The firm offers one of the least expensive fans of the moment with only twenty euros! Although not very quiet, this product has the merit of diffusing the air well in a room, and of cooling you enough to withstand the heat wave.

Another solution is a fan to withstand heat waves. In order to prepare you for the sunny days, we offer you some of the best promotions currently available on fans and air fresheners. Whether you are looking for a pedestal or desk fan, the references are numerous and the prices are often affordable! Among the fans currently on promotion, Brico Dépôt offers a reference from Valberg with a column fan available at only around twenty euros.

Accustomed to offering great promotions, CDiscount currently has a very interesting price on a set of 2 fans from the OCEANIC brand. The latter are equipped with an adjustable foot and have 3 preset speeds to refresh your interior with a power of 45 W.

If you're looking for a good pedestal fan, you might be interested in the Rowenta Turbo currently on sale at several retailers.

A regular top seller on Amazon, this pedestal fan is both powerful and quiet. It also features 4 rotation speeds and adjustable height so you can have the best setup for cooling off.

Small price also for this pedestal fan from the Oceanic brand which has several adjustable speeds, an adjustable foot height and an oscillating function to better cool a room.

CDiscount is currently offering a nice discount on the Dyson TP02 purifier fan which sees its price drop from 527 euros to only 399 euros! A great promotion for this fan which has an automatic mode, a night mode and an integrated purifier!

Looking for a high performance pedestal model capable of air freshening? The Dyson brand has many references in this area and their products are sometimes on promotion as is currently the case with the AM07 model. The ideal way to acquire a branded fan while saving money.

This Dyson fan notably has 10 preconfigured speeds according to your needs. It is also capable of fine-tuning the power of its airflow with a built-in dimmer.

If you can't stand the current heat, but can't find a fan quiet enough to respect your sleep, the Duux brand has what you need. We find in particular their white pedestal fan sometimes available on sale at certain specialized retailers.

If you want something smaller and lighter, their Duux desk fan regularly comes up for promotions.

These two products have a very low sound level of only 13 db. They may be less powerful than their counterparts from other brands, but certainly won't bother you with their noise when in use.

If you want a smaller fan that would fit nicely on your desk, the Iris Ohyama is also down on Amazon. This very powerful product has several configurations according to your needs and can be controlled with its supplied remote control. It is even possible to program it to turn off automatically.

Although they are less popular than fans, air coolers remain a good compromise if you want to enjoy a real refreshing atmosphere for your interior. These are also on sale at certain retailers, as is currently the case with the GOPLUS cooler. The latter is also capable of reducing allergens, dust and smoke with its 4 integrated modes and 3 different speeds.

If you want to freshen up the air in a medium-sized room, the Harveland BAE is able to cover up to 35m² with built-in casters so you can move it wherever you want. In particular, it has 8 different speeds according to your needs, as well as a timer that can be set up to 12 hours. A good reference if you don't mind its rather "raw" design.

Several fans are regularly affected by promotional offers. Air conditioners are also available to protect you from the heat peaks observed during the summer. Do not hesitate to consult our article on the subject to find your refreshing happiness!