Good air conditioner deal: 13% off at CDiscount!


Good air conditioner deal: 13% off at CDiscount!

GOOD PLAN AIR CONDITIONER. CDiscount continues to offer attractive promotions on various mobile air conditioners such as a device from Hyundai which loses 40 euros on its base price!

Summer is here and the hot weather too! If you wish to acquire a mobile air conditioner, it may be interesting to turn to certain specialized sites. They can offer you great promotions to help you cool off this summer! Among the references currently available at a barred price, there is an offer on a Hyundai brand air conditioner. Equipped with 12,000 BTUs, this appliance will be ideal for cooling a room of 20 to 25m².

Some models refer to the Whirlpool or Electrolux brands while Klarstein offers small mobile and cheaper models. However, promotions are rare at this time of year and you will have to fall back on fans and air coolers to get better prices.

The R290 portable air conditioner from Suntec is regularly affected by promotions at several merchant sites. Designed to cover an area of ​​up to 60m², this mobile air conditioner can cool you down effectively during the summer. It is often possible to get your hands on this Suntec air conditioner for a nice price instead of its introductory price closer to 700 euros.

There are many brands of air conditioners, but some are sometimes on sale at different merchants. This is particularly the case for the Oceanic 2000 W mobile air conditioner which is available at its best price at CDiscount. This brand specializes in air conditioners and fans. Something to refresh you for this summer!

You can also find all our advice and a selection of air conditioners in our dedicated buying guide, which you can consult by clicking below:

Having a quiet portable air conditioner can be vital during the summer. In addition to being able to cool your interior, the silent mobile air conditioner will make very little noise when it is turned on. Several references exist in the field, and they can allow you to enjoy some fresh air while continuing your activities or your sleep! A silent mobile air conditioner is the assurance of not suffering from heat or noise!

Dyson is a recognized brand in the field of fans / air conditioners. The firm offers several devices and references that sometimes fall under attractive promotions. Check out the various Dyson fans/air conditioners currently available on the market with their best prices on offer.

Fans, air conditioners and air fresheners are sometimes on sale during peak heat. Do not hesitate to consult this article regularly to find the best offers currently in progress.