Food voucher 2023: what will this new aid look like?


Food voucher 2023: what will this new aid look like?

FOOD CHECK. The release of the food check could take place in the coming weeks, first at the departmental level. All info.

[Updated March 9, 2023 at 11:05 a.m.] In an unprecedented inflationary context (13.3% in January over one year for the food sector) the food voucher should see the light of day in 2023. As announced by the Minister of Economy Bruno Le Maire on March 6: "There will be a food check for the most modest. This food check will be made on a territorial basis, probably the department in order to be as close as possible to consumers and producers. An experiment will be launched in the coming months. The Rural Families association has already proposed to the government the establishment of a monthly aid of 65 euros, corresponding to the lack of a family of two adults and two children to eat properly, according to the Annual Price Observatory published on February 22, 2023.

The fund for sustainable food aid of 60 million euros, desired by Elisabeth Borne (who could take charge of the food check) could be managed by certain large national networks, and regional prefects through "local projects". "The latter" will be able to support initiatives (...) between farmers, producers who will also be able to offer short circuits for quality food.

Originally, in the first food voucher project, scholarship students, beneficiaries of housing assistance (APL) even if they no longer live with their parents as well as beneficiaries of social minima such as RSA, ASS, the AAH, or the ASPA should have benefited from the food check. Finally, the latter received the inflation bonus, or exceptional back-to-school bonus of 100 euros on September 15th. The government should communicate quickly about the new beneficiaries of this system which should "finally" see the light of day, in 2023, despite significant implementation constraints.

The possible food check corresponding to the aid of 60 million euros is not on the program of the 2023 budget. So, it is difficult to know the exact terms of this new food check, and a potential payment date if a such a formula was retained for 2023.

If the recommendations of the Rural Families Association were to convince the government, this "new look" food voucher could see the light of day during the year 2023. However, no exact date has yet been communicated despite the latest announcements from the Minister of Economy Bruno Le Maire, Monday March 6th.