Finally automate floor cleaning with the S7 Pro Ultra robot


Finally automate floor cleaning with the S7 Pro Ultra robot

PUBLISH INFO. Most robot vacuum cleaners on the market only deal with dust and are powerless against stubborn stains. However, the game has just changed with the Roborock S7 Pro Ultra!

They are now part of everyday life and have invited themselves into the landscape of many interiors. Robot vacuum cleaners, easily recognizable by their oval shape and gentle whirring, are enjoying increasing success in French households. In fact, the promises of the device are often attractive: forget the cleaning and let the little automaton take care of the cleanliness of your home.

In practice, users of older devices know that things are not so simple. Common issues with most brands include:

● Low battery life; ● A dust bin that needs to be emptied very (too) regularly; ● Navigation problems leading to difficulties in treating an entire room; simply absent.

Since its creation in 2014, the Asian firm Roborock has relied on this observation to develop a very simple philosophy: start from the needs of the users and adapt the technology - not the other way around! Quickly becoming a subsidiary of the Chinese giant Xiaomi, Roborock stands out for its innovatively designed, highly modular and autonomous vacuum robots.

July 2022 marks the launch of the S7 Pro Ultra in France. Quintessence of Roborock's know-how, the latest addition to the manufacturer's premium range brings together all the features that made the success of previous models. This multifunctional device is a 3 in 1 concentrate including:

● Dust vacuuming; ● Brushing and mopping the floor; ● Self-maintenance of the device.

Not a speck of dust on the floor can escape the 5100Pa suction power of the S7 Pro Ultra. The device then empties itself after returning to the station. With a storage capacity reaching the equivalent of seven weeks of dust accumulation, you will be able to let the vacuum cleaner work for a very long time in complete autonomy.

However, the action of the new Roborock vacuum cleaner does not stop at the elimination of volatile dust. Equipped with a mop and a water tank, the device is responsible for cleaning the most difficult coatings. VibraRise® technology provides up to 3,000 brush passes per minute by applying adequate pressure to the floor.

The benefits of the S7 Pro Ultra even go far beyond its performance in operation. The robot knows how to be discreet and undemanding even when resting! The vacuum cleaner is supplied with its intelligent and self-cleaning station, or "Empty Wash Fill Dock". This docking station takes care of many tasks for you, including:

● emptying the dust container of the vacuum cleaner after completing its routine programme; ● cleaning and mopping the floor cloth; ● automatic filling of the water tank – with sufficient capacity to ensure the regular maintenance of up to 300 m² of floor space.

From a dedicated smartphone application, the owner of a Roborock S7 Pro Ultra vacuum cleaner can easily define his areas and times of passage down to the smallest detail. In particular, it is possible to refine the programming by room and by period of the day, to limit the inconvenience caused.

You can even vary the suction power by zone, to take into account the variety of coverings (tiles, carpet, etc.)

The S7 Pro Ultra is a continuation of the innovations that Roborock has provided for several years. The new device is distinguished by its unparalleled sense of direction, and its ability to identify the smallest corners of your home very quickly! To achieve this, it is based on a 3D scanning system and a real small on-board radar, the LiDAR PreciSense.


Robot vacuum cleaners have undergone a considerable technological evolution in just a few years. An advanced model like the Roborock S7 Pro Ultra is able to vacuum, clean and maintain itself for weeks without asking you for any attention!