Fight against soaring energy prices with Grenelle Energie

Faced with soaring energy prices, owners heated by gas or oil are looking for a more economical system.

Fight against soaring energy prices with Grenelle Energie

Faced with soaring energy prices, owners heated by gas or oil are looking for a more economical system. The heat pump or the pellet boiler is a solution.

A rise in prices for multiple reasons

The world is now experiencing many upheavals both economically and ecologically. With the approach of winter, the fear is now to see the price of energy soar, forcing many owners heated by oil or gas to make choices. With price increases expected of more than 10% for gas, more than 50% for fuel oil, their annual budget will be impacted for the end of the year as for 2023.

Many are interested in installing a more economical method of heating such as a heat pump or a pellet boiler.

If the war in Ukraine is partly responsible for the increase in prices, it is not the only cause. The ecological transition, with the development of renewable energies, is also responsible for this increase in prices.

This increase is also due to the rise in the cost of fossil fuels. Fuel oil, like gas, are fuels whose production tends to dry up, automatically driving up prices. With the absence of Russian gas deliveries and the onset of cold weather, the markets linked to these raw materials are in turmoil. This upward trend is therefore likely to accelerate.

Less energy-intensive heating methods to limit price increases

It is interesting to renovate your home to install devices that limit the annual energy bill. The expert in energy renovation, Grenelle Energie particularly advises the heat pump and the pellet boiler in this period of crisis.

Grenelle Energie, the expert in energy renovation for more than 10 years

For more than 10 years, Grenelle Energie has supported its customers in the energy improvement of their homes. By facilitating the installation of heating methods that consume less energy, they allow them to make significant savings on a daily basis. As proof, the many positive opinions available on Google, Facebook or Trustpilot, testify to the quality of the devices installed as well as the intervention of the technicians.

A single point of contact for personalized support

Grenelle Energie also supports its customers in a personalized way. A single interlocutor follows each file from A to Z, bringing his expertise and his advice to choose the best mode of heating. It takes into account the habits of the household as well as the type of housing. All Grenelle Energie craftsmen are RGE certified, allowing customers to benefit from financial aid from the state during renovation work on their house or apartment.

The heat pump: comfort and savings

Particularly easy to use, the heat pump is economical and offers excellent heating comfort. No fuel needs to be stored here and its advantages are numerous:

The pellet boiler: ecological and economical heating

Under the effect of the combustion of granules, also called pellets, the boiler rises in temperature, heating the water circulating there. It is then distributed in your heating circuit (radiator or heated floor) to offer you a soft and homogeneous temperature in all your living rooms. Again, the benefits are many:

The increase in the price of gas and fuel is an opportunity to change the heating system. In addition to being economical, the heat pump and the pellet boiler allow you to benefit from several financial aids from the State, significantly reducing the cost of the installation. To improve the energy performance of your house or apartment, to lower the price of your bills, Grenelle Energie directs you towards the most economical heating system for your home and accompanies you in all the steps from the request for aid to to install.