Farmers' crisis: what to remember from Gabriel Attal's announcements

For a good week, farmers' anger has been growing.

Farmers' crisis: what to remember from Gabriel Attal's announcements

For a good week, farmers' anger has been growing. After having consulted extensively in recent days, the Prime Minister, Gabriel Attal, finally made the first announcements on Friday in favor of the agricultural world.

Faced with the anger of farmers, Gabriel Attal had promised announcements. It is now done. Friday, from Haute-Garonne where he had gone for the occasion, the Prime Minister, who received a number of unions and other players in the sector in recent days in Matignon, spoke at length to the farmers. “This is a new chapter for French agriculture [...] an unprecedented effort,” he declared in the preamble from a farm in Montastruc-de-Saliès, in front of farmers and journalists who came in large numbers , before announcing "10 immediate simplification measures" and "a month of simplification until the Agricultural Show" which will begin at the end of February.

First of all, Gabriel Attal announced 10 immediate simplification measures. A decree will be published on Saturday. Here are the main ones:

The government also announced the end of the increase in the tax on GNR (non-road diesel). By summer, the deduction will be made immediately when the RNG is delivered to farmers. “We will pay 50% of the cash advance next month”, or 215 million euros. Initially, taxes on this fuel were to increase by three cents per year until 2030.

The Prime Minister also indicated that he wanted to “ensure EGalim is respected everywhere”. In particular by strengthening controls and putting maximum pressure on negotiations. “We are going to impose three very heavy sanctions in the coming days against three companies which do not respect Egalim,” he said, assuring: “Our hand will not shake.”

While farmers are on the front line facing climatic hazards, emergency aid from the state is sometimes slow to arrive. The Prime Minister announced an acceleration of the process. In addition, the emergency fund for Brittany will be doubled. A window dedicated to covering veterinary costs will also be open from February 5, 2024. “We will review the way of processing this aid,” he indicated.

Concerning the viticulture sectors and the organic sector currently in crisis, the Prime Minister also made several announcements. For viticulture first of all, a specific plan will be put in place to prepare for the future. 50 million euros will be released for the organic sector.

If Gabriel Attal defended the European Union, affirming that "leaving Europe means depriving [farmers] of nine billion euros per year", he nevertheless conceded that "we must simplify the CAP". And to specify: "The President of the Republic will request an exemption on the question of fallow land. We will move forward on the subject of meadows". Concerning free trade treaties between continents, the Prime Minister also recalled that Paris “is opposed to the signing of the Mercosur treaty”.