F1 Sprint Qualifying: Rules, Qualifying Duration... How does it work?


F1 Sprint Qualifying: Rules, Qualifying Duration... How does it work?

QUALIFIER SPRINT. At Silverstone for the British Grand Prix this weekend, Formula 1 enters a new era and tests for the first time the sprint qualification which will determine the starting grid.

Hang on, we'll have to get out the rules this Saturday July 17 to understand everything at the F1 meeting looming this weekend at Silverstone, on the occasion of the British Grand Prix. The famous English track, which hosted the first race of the F1 world championship in 1950, will once again serve as a pioneer with the first of the qualifying format via sprint race. On April 26, the FIA ​​had indeed announced the establishment of a brand new Grand Prix weekend format with sprint qualifying, via a format similar to that already adopted in Formula 2, reverse grid in less. The big F1 teams have indeed not given their agreement for this telegenic format but which does not really reflect the hierarchy or reward the efforts of the best teams to produce the fastest single-seater on the track.

The word "qualification" is actually not very fair since it is a much shorter race than the traditional one in F1: 100 kilometers instead of 300 on Sunday. Another important modification, if the pilots will be able to use two sets of tires, no pit stop is obligatory.

By a traditional qualifying session but which will be held on Friday afternoon! It keeps the usual format with three sessions in a row Q1, Q2 (bringing together the 15 best of Q1) and Q3 (bringing together the 10 best of Q2).

Yes ! Points counting towards the Drivers' and Manufacturers' Championships will be distributed to the first three drivers at the finish: 3 points for first, 2 points for second and one point for third. The race result will determine the starting grid for Sunday's race. Also note that there will be no ceremony but a trophy will still be awarded to the winner.




Yes, provided that his F1 can be repaired in time for the next day! He will then start at the back of the grid for the Sunday Grand Prix, following the final classification of the sprint qualification. The parc fermé rules remaining valid between Friday's qualification and Saturday's sprint qualification, then between Saturday and Sunday's Grand Prix, no modification other than a repair with identical parts may be made.

No. This format is instituted as a test by the FIA ​​and the organizers of F1. Several tests are planned this season, the first at Silverstone for this British Grand Prix. Other dates have yet to be officially announced but two more sprint qualifiers are expected to take place by the end of the 2021 season. of the paramount place of traffic and the phenomenon of aspiration, would hold the rope to host this 2nd sprint qualification test.