Expert tasted Lidl wines blind, loved these 6 bottles and one only costs €4.50

Lidl launches its wine fair.

Expert tasted Lidl wines blind, loved these 6 bottles and one only costs €4.50

Lidl launches its wine fair. A wide choice of bottles is offered with very good deals. An expert tasted blind and his verdict is astonishing.

The month of March has begun and with it, spring will not be long. The desire to have a small glass of wine on the terrace will gradually return, even if you have to enjoy it in moderation, of course. On this occasion, major brands are launching their “spring 2024” wine fairs. It was Lidl which got the ball rolling on Wednesday March 6, just like Monoprix. And they will be followed during the month by E.Leclerc, Casino, Aldi, Carrefour... From this date, a wide selection of red, white, rosé wines but also champagnes will be put on sale and you will be able to make good deals.

In its special wine fair catalogue, Lidl offers many bottles below five euros and the others rarely exceed 10 euros. Around a hundred bottles will be put on shelves for this operation, some of which will be covered by promotional offers.

Among these are “special offers”, with one or two bottles offered for the purchase of a set of three or six identical bottles. This offer is quite interesting, particularly for the Montagne Saint-Emilion Château Fonguillon, 2021. Out of a box of six bottles, two are free. The bottle costs you 4.49 euros rather than 6.73 euros. Champagne also benefits from a nice reduction. For the Charles de Cazanove, one bottle is offered for every two purchased, bringing the unit down to 19.99 instead of 29.98 euros.

If you want to vary the pleasures, opt instead for the “discovery offers”: a personalized selection of six bottles among nine from different regions, the least expensive will then be free. Bordeaux, Côtes du Rhône, Val de Loire, Pays d'Oc, make your own mixture and then offer the best food and wine pairings at home.

If you are looking for quality wines, you can follow the advice of expert Adam Lapierre, provided in the Lidl catalog, who tasted the wines on sale and delivered his favorites. This specialist is not just anyone. A few years ago, he obtained the “Master of Wine” qualification, an absolute reference in the world of wine.

Six bottles in particular caught his attention, from wines tasted blind. “I taste alone and I know neither the price nor how much the bottle was purchased,” he explains. The expert selected for their remarkable intensity the Bordeaux Supérieur Château Roquecave, the Bleu de Mer rosé and the Brut Azur Champagne Charles de Cazanove. For complexity, he preferred the Alsace Riesling Camille Meyer, sold for 4.49 euros per pair, as well as the Bourgogne Hautes-Côtes de Beaune as a white Bonot wine at 12.89 euros and as a red wine the Côte du Rhône domaine Lebrun God's plan at 4.95 euros.

So don't delay if you want to take advantage of these offers. The Lidl wine fair started on Wednesday and lasts while stocks last.