Euromillions result (FDJ): the draw for Tuesday March 5, 2024 [ONLINE]


Euromillions result (FDJ): the draw for Tuesday March 5, 2024 [ONLINE]

EUROMILLIONS. Nearly 49 million euros were at stake this Tuesday, March 5. Have you found the results of the Euromillions draw?

The Euromillions draw on Tuesday March 5 certainly did not offer the biggest jackpot, but let's recognize that 49 million euros still represents a sum which suggests a more serene future... The Euromillions draw in any case took place. However, we still do not know if anyone has managed to find the result of the Euromillions, and thus win the jackpot of the day. Without further ado, here are the results from this Tuesday and the My Million code that goes with them:

Next meeting, Friday. As with each Euromillions draw, players who wish to participate will have until 8:15 p.m. on the day to try their luck. The grid is sold for a minimum of 2.50 euros. If you want to increase your chances, it is possible to check more numbers than the seven necessary to validate a combination. In detail, there are five numbers to choose from among the 50 available and two star numbers to be determined among the 12 in the running.

However, let's keep in mind that the Euromillions result is not found in every draw. Above all, it is chance, or luck, some would say, that is in control. Even when betting 15 numbers on different grids, if you don't have the right karma, it will be impossible for you to find the right Euromillions results. But after all, he who doesn't try, gets nothing!