Euromillions result (FDJ): the draw for Friday February 23, 2024 [ONLINE]


Euromillions result (FDJ): the draw for Friday February 23, 2024 [ONLINE]

EUROMILLIONS. This Friday's Euromillions draw offered €17 million. Did you find the results?

No winner this Friday evening. The Euromillions draw on February 23 will therefore not be the one that makes you a fulfilled millionaire. Goodbye to your childhood dream of diving into a pool full of gold coins, like Uncle Scrooge. But that may only be postponed. Will the next move be the right one? In any case, know that 26 million euros will be at stake on Tuesday. Until then, don't forget to check out today's winning results. Some participants still managed to find part of the combination, enough, what's more, to pocket several hundred euros!

For the next draws to come, note that, on Saturday, it will be possible to participate in the Loto draw. This offers three million euros. A prize pool which will potentially be two or four million euros on Monday, depending on Saturday's results. Indeed, if there is a big winner, the counters will be reset to zero, or rather to two million euros, the jackpot having to be at least this amount during a Loto draw. On the other hand, if there is no winner of rank 1 on Saturday, the jackpot will be put back into play with one million euros more on Monday, or four million. At the same time, again on Monday, a new EuroDreams draw will be organized. Thursday evening, a lucky draw participant, who had tried his luck in France, managed to win 2,000 euros per month for... five years. Enough to make ends meet for the next five years!