Euromillions (FDJ) Result: Friday, March 10, 2023 Draw [ONLINE]


Euromillions (FDJ) Result: Friday, March 10, 2023 Draw [ONLINE]

EUROMILLION RESULTS. The Euromillions draw has just taken place. Should you have bet on the 6? On the 27th? The 49? Or the 4th this Friday, March 10, 2023? Answer with the results available below.

[Updated March 10, 2023 9:34 PM] End of suspense! The Euromillions draw for Friday March 10, 2023 has just taken place. We now know what it took to have bet to win the 17 million euros of the day. Don't forget to check your My Million code, also available in our today's Euromillions results recap. Without further ado, here is the winning combination of the day:

The week had started off with a bang. La Française des jeux (FDJ) and its European colleagues had put into play, Tuesday, no less than 144.9 million euros. A kitty which was the fruit of a mega jackpot organized the previous Friday and which had not found a taker. As a result, the 130 million euros initially put into play had been put back on the table with just under an additional 15 million euros. Enough to arouse ambitions. And it was better not to hesitate too much to try his luck. Because a champion pocketed the jackpot that night.

Unfortunately, the lucky guy or girl had apparently not tried his luck in France. The very exactly 144,966,361 euros were won in another country. As a reminder, players from some nine countries participate in the Euromillions draw. In addition to France, the United Kingdom, Spain, Portugal, Belgium, Ireland, Austria, Switzerland and Luxembourg are concerned, every Tuesday and every Friday, by the Euromillions draw.