Disappearance of Audrey Baltrons: the case at a standstill, enigma in Aveyron

Audrey Baltrons has still not been found in Aveyron, more than three weeks after her disappearance.

Disappearance of Audrey Baltrons: the case at a standstill, enigma in Aveyron

Audrey Baltrons has still not been found in Aveyron, more than three weeks after her disappearance. The investigation continues but the case seems to be at an impasse.

The mystery remains whole in Aveyron. Audrey Baltrons, an uneventful mother, has been missing since February 10. Since then, national police investigators and his relatives have been trying to find his trace, in vain. With Linternaute, Nicolas Rigot-Muller, public prosecutor of Rodez, confides, this Wednesday, March 8, 2023, that he has "not had any additional elements since" the opening of a judicial investigation opened the week last. The last appearance of Audrey Baltrons dates back to this Friday, February 10, at her mother's house, where she had gone to drink coffee in the morning, as usual. Since then, she has disappeared from the radar.

Aged 39, this former waitress is actively sought in Aveyron where her trace has been lost. Despite her report, broadcast by the national police, no one saw this resident of Aubin, who suddenly vanished aboard her vehicle. Did she leave of her own free will? Did she have a problem on the way? Did she have a bad encounter? The mystery remains whole around Decazeville. "The investigation does not allow, at this stage, to favor a particular orientation", had specified the prosecutor of Aveyron, in a press release, adding that the investigations carried out are without "positive result" at this stage. And this, while the investigators had begun to trace the course of the disappeared.

Thanks to the geolocation of her mobile phone, part of her journey could be reconstructed: Capdenac-Gare, Aubin - where she lives -, Auzits, Saint-Christophe-Vallon, Salles-la-Source, Sébazac, Bozoul, Monts- d'Aubrac... So many towns where her phone ended up, without the trace of Audrey Baltrons being able to be truly found. For his relatives, his presence (or his simple passage) in these localities raises questions. But while the continuation of the investigations could have made it possible to reassemble his schedule, the work suddenly became complicated with the loss of geolocation of his phone: the Sim card would have indeed been removed according to La Dépêche du Midi.

Failing to understand his journey thanks to his mobile phone, the investigators tried the track of the bank card: again, white cabbage. No inflow or outflow of money has been recorded on Audrey Baltrons' account since her disappearance. What raise the question of the financing of his daily life in the event of a voluntary disappearance. But above all, to go where? At the wheel of her white Dacia Logan, registered DL-558-NT, the mother of the family cannot embark on long journeys, given the poor condition of the vehicle according to her relatives. "She can't even take the freeway," says her stepfather.

If the trail of voluntary disappearance is obviously not to be excluded, nothing suggests such a scenario. Her entourage explained to France 3 Occitanie that Audrey Baltrons "had plans to move to leave the home of her grandmother who welcomed her. She wanted to live with her children." Can the hypothesis of a love dispute be considered? Nothing is excluded among the investigators but her former spouse does not seem to be at the top of the list since the entourage of the mother of the family assures that she "kept very good relations with her former spouse."

The suspicions around the attitude of Audrey Baltrons began this Friday February 10 when, contrary to usual, she did not go to her mother's house to drink coffee after taking her children to the colleges of Cransac and Firmi . She only phoned him in the afternoon to ask him to pick up the teenagers after school. “It was very brief”, explains the mother of the disappeared to La Dépêche du Midi. "I did sense her a little upset, I asked her if she had any concerns, if she needed help, but I couldn't get her to talk..." Like something was afoot?

After a weekend without a message, three text messages were received almost simultaneously, at 6.14 p.m. and 6.15 p.m. Text messages in which "she asked us to take care of the children" indicates Audrey's stepfather. Nothing more. Where is she ? How is his health? How does she feed? None of the questions are raised. "If misunderstanding annihilates us, hope dominates", says his brother all the same.

The police report states that Audrey Baltrons has short brown hair, black eyes, normal build and is 1.68 meters tall. She wore, the last time anyone saw her, blue jeans, a black sweater and black boots. The national police of Aveyron specifies that Audrey Baltrons "could drive aboard a white Dacia Logan brand vehicle registered DL-558-NT". Anyone with information about this disappearance is asked to contact the police station in Decazeville (Aveyron) at the following number: 05 81 37 22 40.