Dahmer on Netflix: A victim's mother's rant


Dahmer on Netflix: A victim's mother's rant

DAHMER NETFLIX. While the Dahmer series is a real success with audiences, the mother of one of the victims denounced the inventions of the Netflix series.

[Updated October 13, 2022 at 3:15 p.m.] Dahmer has been one of the phenomenon series since its release in September on Netflix. She quickly rose to the most viewed programs on the streaming platform over 28 days, ahead of The Bridgerton Chronicle but behind Stranger Things and Squid Game. However, the families of the victims of the serial killer are up against the Netflix series, accusing the production of not having contacted them upstream to warn them of the project.

The mother of one of Jeffrey Dahmer's victims, Shirley Hughes, also attacked the program in the columns of the Guardian. Tony Hugues' mother believes that certain facts reported in the series, in particular those related to her 31-year-old deaf son, "did not happen like that", even if she concedes that she did not watch all the episodes. "I don't see how they can have the right to do that. I don't understand how they can use our names and spread stuff like that, publicly." She did not give further details, telling the British media that it was too difficult to discuss the death of her son, which occurred in 1991.

Why are relatives of Dahmer's victims furious?

Since going live on September 21, Dahmer has been one of the most-watched programs on Netflix. But Ryan Murphy's mini-series on one of the most terrible American serial killers is not unanimous, even less among the families of the victims. Scott Gunkel, an LGBT activist who has crossed paths with the killer and certain victims in the past, tells Fox that "Monster: The Story of Jeffrey Dahmer" "rekindles a certain trauma for the LGBT community. Especially for those who have experienced the victims. They all had families. It's unfortunate to always have new series or films coming out on these cases. It's difficult to turn the page."

On Twitter, one of the cousins ​​of Errol Lindsey, murdered by Jeffrey Dahmer in 1991, shared his anger at the release of the Netflix series: "I don't tell anyone what to watch or not, I know that true crime shows are very popular right now, but if you are interested in victims, my family is furious that this show exists. It makes us relive this trauma again and again, and why do that?" He also criticizes the streaming platform for not having contacted the victims: "this is part of the public domain, so they have no obligation to warn (or pay) anyone. My family discovered the series at the same time as everyone else."

Portrayed in "Monster: The Jeffrey Dahmer Story," Rita Isbell, Errol Lindsey's sister, told Insider that she was not involved in the creation of the series or watched all ten episodes: "I don't I don't need it, I lived it, I know exactly what happened". If she considers that the reconstruction of her intervention during the faithful trial, she adds that Netflix never sought to contact her. She notably criticizes the streaming platform for "making money on this tragedy." "I am old now. I live very comfortably. But the victims have children and grandchildren. If the series had allowed them to have a financial contribution, in any way, all this would not have seemed so cruel and careless."

Who is Jeffrey Dahmer, the serial killer of the series?

Created by Ryan Murphy, this ten-part series looks back on the terrible journey of the man who was nicknamed the "Cannibal of Milwaukee", while denouncing the societal and institutional abuses that led him to commit 17 crimes in 13 years. Jeffrey Dahmer, born May 21, 1960, is a serial killer who murdered 17 people between 1978 and 1991. His crimes also include dismemberment, rape and cannibalism.

Jeffrey Dahmer was sentenced in 1992 to 957 years in prison, but was killed two years later during his incarceration: he was attacked in 1994 by another inmate, Christopher Scarver, who had been imprisoned for life for the murder of his former supervisor . This one would have attacked him because he estimated that Dahmer did not regret his crimes. He dies from his injuries. Scarver is again sentenced to life.

Dahmer is a ten-part mini-series. It is not broadcast on television, and is only accessible by streaming. It is indeed an original creation of Netflix, which is available only on the streaming platform. However, it is possible to access it if your television has the Netflix application. The series was released on September 21, 2022.

The success of the Dahmer series continues. Since its release on Netflix on September 21, 2022, the program created by Ryan Murphy on the famous serial killer has already accumulated 701 million hours of viewing and has become the second most watched English-language series on the streaming platform, behind the season 4 of Stranger Things (1.4 million hours watched 28 days after release). It is thus ahead of The Bridgerton Chronicle, but remains behind Squid Game, which remains Netflix's most-watched series with 1.65 million hours of viewing in the 28 days following its release.