Cenzo Tuihani: Who is Star Academy's nominee?


Cenzo Tuihani: Who is Star Academy's nominee?

CENZO. He is one of the 13 Star Academy candidates, back on TF1. Who is he, what are his particularities?Here is what you need to know about Cenzo Tuihani.

Cenzo is one of the 13 candidates for the new Star Academy, back on TF1. The cult show from the 2000s made its return on Saturday October 15 for the first bonus of this new season. Cenzo, 22, is from Bordeaux but was born far from the Gironde, in Tahiti. Asked by Sud-Ouest before entering the castle of Dammarie-les-Lys, Cenzo gave some keys to his career. "My dream was to sing in the street in Bordeaux," the young musician also told France Bleu. "The first thing I did when I arrived here was to buy a speaker and a small microphone", he added, he who joined Bordeaux to study communication at the Sup de Pub.

His asset at the Star Academy will undoubtedly be versatility, he who says he is passionate about dance and then music but admits not having taken courses in these two specialties. "In Tahiti, I already had a passion for singing and dancing. Besides, in Bordeaux, I sang a lot in rue Sainte-Catherine. I don't sing in the street in Paris because it's really too regulated. Today, I am followed by a team in order to direct me in my future artistic career." A busy program that could well be upset by the Star Academy adventure... She has already changed Cenzo's plans: "I wasn't really interested at the start, I only had vague memories of this program", he admits to Sud-Ouest. "I didn't want to participate in a reality show where everything is fake but this is not the case with ''Star Ac''. I was contacted on Instagram and that's how I found myself in this adventure.