Brevet 2023: dates of the tests, dates of the results and practical information


Brevet 2023: dates of the tests, dates of the results and practical information

PATENT. The national diploma tests for the 2023 patent take place at the end of June; the academies give the marks to the candidates in July.

The Brevet des collèges diploma is the first for all students educated in France. As such, it is particularly symbolic, but it also rewards the efforts made by 3rd graders throughout the year. The four written tests will take place very soon and should not be taken lightly: if it is above all a question of checking the achievements of schooling, each test has its requirements and its difficulties.

Common to all candidates, the written exams for the college certificate are scheduled for Monday June 26 and Tuesday June 27, 2023 for the normal session. The replacement session is scheduled for Monday 18 and Tuesday 19 September 2023. It should also be noted that the modern foreign language test, reserved for individual candidates, will take place on Tuesday 27 June 2023 (afternoon) for the normal session. and Tuesday, September 19, 2023 (afternoon) for the replacement session.

The results of the college patent are revealed every year in dribs and drabs for all of the academies in France. The lists of those admitted to the DNB are accessible on our site, as well as the associated mentions, thanks to the search engine below: the results of the patent are accessible free of charge, just type a name of candidate, city or academy . Candidates are listed in alphabetical order.

The results of the patent are revealed at the beginning of July, on dates differing slightly according to the academies. This year, expect college patent results to be released between Friday July 7 and Tuesday July 11, 2023.

The patent is scored out of 800 points in total, combining continuous assessment and end-of-year tests. You need a minimum of 400 points to graduate.

Continuous assessment is taken into account in the marking, including projects carried out in class, such as PPE (Interdisciplinary Practical Education). The assessment of the common base is done on eight skills, each assessed in the school report through four levels of points:

If the student has collected 50 points everywhere, he has accumulated the maximum possible for the continuous assessment part of the patent, i.e. 400 points (as a reminder, this is half of the total points for the diploma). ► Consult the details of the skills of the common base on the website of the Ministry of National Education

The final examinations for the college patent therefore represent "only" half of the total patent scale each year, scored out of 400 points. As a reminder, there are five: the four writings of French, mathematics, history-geography / moral and civic education and sciences, as well as an oral test. This consists of a 15-minute presentation divided into two parts: 5 minutes of presentation of a project worked on during the year and 10 minutes of interview with the jury. The project presented was worked on during the interdisciplinary practical lessons or the third-year internship in a company.

Mentions "regional language", "college series, international option" and "Franco-German option" also exist. More information on this subject on the Onisep website, the National Office for Information on Education and Professions, a public institution under the supervision of the Ministry of Education.

Results from the previous year are still available from our map and search engine. The results of the candidates for the 2023 patent will be available very soon from the same tools.