Black Friday PC and MacBook: what promotions to expect? The best first offers


Black Friday PC and MacBook: what promotions to expect? The best first offers

BLACK FRIDAY PC. If you are looking for the ideal laptop for your needs, Black Friday is the perfect opportunity to treat yourself to a new model, whether for work, leisure, studies... Here is our selection.

Black Friday is a golden opportunity to get your hands on a good PC or MacBook without breaking the bank too much. If you also want to grab a PC based mainly on performance, consider visiting the article dedicated to the best PC Gamer offers which are generally the best in terms of performance. If you don't need that but just a good versatile laptop, you've come to the right place! Here is our selection and our purchasing advice.

Small Chromebooks, touchscreen laptops or notebooks are generally very popular during Black Friday. They offer very attractive and accessible prices while offering sufficient performance for work use, for studies, or surfing the internet. Among the sought-after models, PCs in the Acer Aspire range generally offer good prices during Black Friday.

Recent references include the Asus Zenbook S13, acclaimed by many experts. The recently released 2023 range could have an effect on prices: those from the previous year could be sold off during Black Friday to empty stocks. To be continued...

If you are looking for low prices for simple use, you might want to consider PCs from the Asus Vivobook range, Acer and Lenovo Chromebooks or even Microsoft Surfaces, hybrid products between small PCs and tablets. tactile. A little more expensive, the Acer Swiftedge is well rated.

The 15-inch format is the most popular today. The 15-inch laptops actually offer an excellent compromise between comfort of use with their 38.1 centimeter diagonal screen and mobility, while guaranteeing a contained size and weight. Their versatility is also on the inside with performance that has significantly increased over the years. Whether for office automation, internet surfing, video streaming or even gaming, there is something for all tastes and uses. While waiting for Black Friday to begin, we have selected below some references on the 15-inch laptop market. They will be all models to follow at the time of the first Black Friday 2023 promotions. Our regularly updated selection guarantees you to find laptop PCs combining very good quality-price ratio.

For a long time, Apple unofficially "shunned" Black Friday, ruling out any discounts or major promotions during this end-of-year commercial operation. The Apple brand has, however, been overwhelmed by resellers and online sales sites who have increased flash sales operations on Apple's flagship products. iPhones, AirPods or iPads are part of this, but also Macbooks.

This year, the recent release of the latest Macbook Pro 2023 with their M3 chip could have a small effect even if they are high-end computers. A simple small discount is already a great financial transaction on these computers which are expensive to purchase but which offer an unrivaled level of performance and a long lifespan.

The MacBook Air remains one of Apple's best MacBooks. Promotions should be closely monitored on these devices.

For Macbooks, will the recent release of models with M3 chip have an effect on previous generation models? In particular, we will closely monitor the prices displayed on models with an M2 chip.

Laptops and Chromebooks are typically among the hottest sale items during Black Friday and Cyber ​​Monday. Watch prices closely over the coming days. The prices on this page will be regularly updated and the promotional or flash sale models highlighted. Good shopping !