Bac (specialty) 2023 math subject: what to expect on exam day?


Bac (specialty) 2023 math subject: what to expect on exam day?

MATHEMATICS BAC SUBJECT. On March 20 and 21, 2023, the baccalaureate specialty exams will take place. For four hours some students will have to work on the subject of mathematics, which includes four exercises.

[Updated March 13, 2022 11:22 AM] The math specialty test is fast approaching! It is on Monday March 20 or Tuesday March 21, 2023 that the students will work on the subject of specialty for four hours, from 2 p.m. to 6 p.m., on four exercises independent of each other. Note that the test will take place in the morning only in the DROM-COM.

On the program this year algebra and geometry, the analysis part, probabilities as well as algorithms and programming, all topics studied in class during this year of Terminale. Within these notions to be reviewed, the National Education gives more details on the scope of the revisions.

A program obviously rich in formulas and mathematical knowledge which weighs a coefficient 16 in the average of the bac, like all the specialty tests. Before taking the challenging exam, it is possible for the candidate to self-assess their level and estimate if they are ready enough by consulting last year's questions and answers.

Unfortunately for future graduates the question of the calculator during the test is uncertain. It will be when the students return to their subject in order to compose that they will see the famous mention on the calculator. Obviously if it prohibits the entire subject will be feasible without it. As specified by the National Education if it is authorized on D-Day, "candidates who have a calculator with exam mode must activate it on the day of the tests and calculators without memory will be authorized. Thus all candidates will compose without any access to data pre-recorded by them during the events".

In order to revise and prepare as well as possible for the upcoming exams, Terminales can train with these corrected subjects from 2022, which fell in the baccalaureate last year, they are a good way to practice. Written by an associate professor, the answers offered below are safe and allow high school students to know if they would have gotten right on the exam.

Here are the answers to last year's topics listed above. Find all the subjects and the details of the exercises submitted to baccalaureate candidates thanks to our partner Studyrama.

Once the mathematics specialty test is completed, candidates enter the waiting period until the publication of the results of the bac scheduled for July 4, 2023. Although the test is organized in March, all marks are communicated in same time.