Apple Keynote 2023: an official date and announcements that could change everything


Apple Keynote 2023: an official date and announcements that could change everything

APPLE KEYNOTE. Apple has just launched the invitations for its next conference. The WWDC will be held within the next few days and promises to be one of the most important conferences for the future of Apple.

The next Apple Keynote will be held on June 5. This new conference could well be a milestone in the history of Apple with several highly anticipated announcements. If the next Keynote of the WWDC (Worldwide Developers Conference) should unveil the new features of iOS 17, iPadOS, macOS, watchOS and tvOS, it is indeed the arrival of a brand new Apple product which could make its appearance during the conference.

The biggest expectation of the next Apple Keynote could well be the virtual reality (or VR) helmet of the firm. In development for several years, this brand new product continues to be very discreet on the web despite several leaks. Find all the latest information on the next Apple keynote as part of WWDC.

The next Apple Keynote of 2023 will be held from Monday, June 5 (7:00 p.m. EST) as part of WWDC. This conference allows the Cupertino company to present many new software for its various operating systems, including iOS.

Apple has a habit of organizing two or three big Keynotes every year. The premiere, the most anticipated of all, is usually held at the beginning of September. Many fans of the firm follow this conference because of its content: the September Apple Keynote is above all dedicated to the new iPhone. Other products may also be presented, as was the case at the last conference, which also highlighted new Apple Watch connected watches.

The second most anticipated Apple Keynote is usually held in the middle of summer. Called Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC), it allows the Cupertino company to present new versions for iOS, macOS, and many other operating systems that equip Apple devices.

Apple has also accustomed us to organizing a final Keynote at the end of the year. However, the latter is not always kept, and it may happen that Apple sticks to a few online announcements or press releases.

Unless there is a real surprise, several future announcements of the next Apple Keynote are already known. The Cupertino company should take advantage of the WWDC opening conference to unveil several new features concerning its various operating systems as well as new highly anticipated products.

The most anticipated announcement each year at WWDC is certainly the reveal of the new version of iOS. This year, Apple should unveil a few new features centered around iOS 17. According to Mark Gurman, specialist journalist at Bloomberg, Apple plans only a few small additions around this new version initially thought of as a big fix for iOS 16.

Among the new features mentioned for iOS 17, Apple would provide new accessibility options so that the iPhone can be used by everyone. The firm has already unveiled its "Live Speech" function, which allows people to transcribe their texts into audio with a personalized voice according to the user.

The other major novelty expected for iOS 17 would be Apple's opening to alternative stores. Concretely, it would be possible to download your applications from the Google Play Store rather than the App Store, but this information remains to be taken with a grain of salt. Apple being Apple, the firm certainly prefers to continue to maintain full control over the downloading of applications on the iPhone.

One of the announcements at the heart of many WWDC rumors would be the release of new MacBook Air powered by the M2 chip. If there is already a MacBook Air M2, available for almost a year, Apple would provide a new version with a 15-inch screen. Enough to enjoy your content more while keeping the excellent performance of the MacBook Air M2.

The real surprise of the next Apple Keynote could well concern a brand new product: the VR Reality Pro headset. This first version, at the heart of many rumors for years, would however be more aimed at professionals. The first information relating to the price of this VR helmet speaks in particular of a price of around $3000!

A recent info would also confirm the imminent arrival of a VR headset signed Apple. The company has registered a domain name called "xrProOS" which could well turn out to be the name of the operating system designed for their virtual reality headset. Confirmation to come next Monday, June 5 with the WWDC 2023 that we will follow live on

As usual, Apple will present all its new products as part of its WWDC conference. The announcements will be followed live on Apple's official website as well as the firm's Youtube channel. We'll be sure to update this article with the official conference video and replay, and we'll also cover any live announcements on Apple Keynote Day.