AlloSolar: solar accessible to individuals

At a time when electricity prices are constantly rising, more and more French people are turning to self-consumption.

AlloSolar: solar accessible to individuals

At a time when electricity prices are constantly rising, more and more French people are turning to self-consumption. Companies like AlloSolar have positioned themselves in the solar kit segment, making photovoltaic energy more accessible than the other solutions seen so far.

Invest in solar

The photovoltaic panel kits are really profitable. On its site, the French company AlloSolar offers to assemble yourself. Thus, it removes two significant cost factors in the installation of photovoltaic panels: labor and administrative procedures. By simplifying the latter, the brand offers prices that are much lower than those traditionally encountered in this sector.

As the installation of a solar kit may seem complex to you by its technical aspects, AlloSolar provides full assistance to its customers. Before any project, it is interested in the expected consumption profile, the future installation of the panels and their exposure, the functionalities requested (the possibility of remote control or home automation for example), etc. In addition, its after-sales service is located where the brand is based: in Portiragnes, in the Hérault. This proximity avoids any long procedure with the manufacturer.

All this also guarantees easy installation, regardless of the electrical knowledge of the homeowner. On this subject, Mathias Roussel, Head of Sales, says: " When we talk to a customer for the first time, we ask questions about the location of the photovoltaic panels […]. This allows us to offer a complete and entirely tailor-made packaging. "

Its catalog is very comprehensive. In addition to the essential solar panels of different recognized brands, everyone can find on the AlloSolar website any element or spare part necessary to complete their installation: protection boxes, fuses, monitoring tools, cables of all kinds, etc. The brand is positioned in this way as an exhaustive reference for neophytes of photovoltaics, but also for veterans who have to maintain their installation.

AlloSolar, already a reference

AlloSolar is a very recent brand: it was founded in 2018. This company had only 3 people when it started and has positioned itself in just a few years as one of the leaders in the online sale of solar kits dedicated to individuals. .

AlloSolar started from a simple observation: solar photovoltaic is less established in France than in other European countries. However, France benefits from a geography and a favorable climate for this type of electricity production.

So she set out to fill that gap. Today, its catalog lists more than 1,500 references, and AlloSolar has a total of 120,000 customers producing renewable energy.

Good to know: affordable prices, for all situations

Customers, now keen to engage in self-consumption, find solutions at AlloSolar at affordable prices, for all situations. In addition to the self-consumption of a home, the brand also designs kits aimed at supplying motorhomes and boats. Some of its kits even concern sites isolated from the network.

Although it is working to make solar photovoltaic more accessible, AlloSolar insists: aware that a project of this type represents a considerable budget for low-income households, it attaches great importance to people and always wants to find a solution adapted to each.

The success of this company based in Portiragnes continues to grow. At present, it has 100% annual growth, in addition to possessing more than 40% of the market share. While its turnover already reaches 17 million euros annually, it hopes to reach 30 million euros in 2022.

To progress, the company has bet on new trends:

As regards the rise in electricity prices, this should continue. By 2030, automakers plan to end their production of thermal models. Electric bicycles and scooters are also booming.

In this context, solar photovoltaic is one of the solutions frequently considered. More and more individuals are looking for alternative solutions, not just to power their homes, but also to charge their cars or other everyday devices. As such, solar is becoming more and more profitable in the face of an ever more expensive electricity bill.

Good to know: lower prices

Between 2010 and 2020, utility scale solar PV costs have fallen by 85%2. According to the International Renewable Energy Agency (IRENA), these are now " the default economic choice ".

In addition, self-consumption is also a way for individuals to do something for the environment. Climate change poses a question: how can we act on its small scale?

Given the economic situation and the results already recorded by the company, the objective of AlloSolar is promising. In the coming years, it will very clearly participate in the development of self-consumption in France, by promoting solar photovoltaic energy. Now a solid company, it should continue to deploy new services in the coming years.

The three key points to remember about AlloSolar: