Ahcène: Who is the candidate for Star Academy? Already selected for The Voice!


Ahcène: Who is the candidate for Star Academy? Already selected for The Voice!

AHCENE STAR ACADEMY. He is one of the 13 candidates for Star Academy 2022 on TF1. Originally from the Ardennes, Ahcène, 20, already has a long musical journey behind him.

Aged 20, Ahcène joins the new promotion of Star Academy 2022. The young singer will compete with 12 other candidates from this Saturday, October 15, 2022, date of the first bonus which will mark the arrival of the candidates at the castle of Dammarie Les Lys after a first evening with Nikos Aliagas on the Star Ac' set. Ahcène is from the Ardennes, more precisely from Nouzonville and was able to confide before the first broadcast to our colleagues from France Bleu and from the Ardennes.

Ahcène has been practicing opera for many years and shares her performances on her Instagram account. "I started opera singing at the age of 10, thanks to a musical in connection with a speaker from the show, at my primary school. I was immediately told that I was made to sing" , he told France Bleu. Student at the conservatory of his city, he plays several instruments including saxophone and piano.

Ahcène passed the Star Academy casting but it was actually the production of the show that came to him, contacting him on social networks. If lyrical singing remains his passion, he has tried many open stages and confides that he loves "singing covers, pop, soul, with a wide repertoire". So many advantages when it comes to joining Star Academy.

In parallel with the Star Academy castings, Ahcène revealed that he had auditioned for another TF1 show hosted by Nikos Aliagas, The Voice! "Can you imagine that I passed the auditions for The Voice at the same time", he reveals shortly before entering Star Academy. If he could have joined one of the coaches' teams, Ahcène finally opted for Star Academy and justified his choice at France Bleu. "A choice had to be made and I chose the Star Academy, because it is a complete training where we work on dance, singing, theater and stage expression. It corresponds to what I am looking for. " Will the choice pay off?