Million robbery at promenade place: a Bank employee led to the arrest and investigations against her son

In the case of the stolen locker million, Munich is a year-long employee of the Commerzbank at the promenade place under suspicion. Update 16. May 2019: I

Million robbery at promenade place: a Bank employee led to the arrest and investigations against her son

In the case of the stolen locker million, Munich is a year-long employee of the Commerzbank at the promenade place under suspicion.

Update 16. May 2019:

It is one of the most spectacular crimes of recent decades: in the heart of Munich to 4.62 million euros from Commerzbank branch on the promenade disappeared in the place. Three gangsters in the Bank to steal the money of a rich Russian, – she had reported at the end of 2016, a total of 32 million euros in seven lockers stashed (tz). The case comes only now come to light, but the investigation running for more than a year.

In the crosshairs of the Prosecutor is not mainly to the Bank teller, Mary M. (57, Name changed). After tz information they had regulated the end of November 2016, the locker opening for the rich Russian. Since 1992, m. in the case of Commerzbank is to be hired and to be considered as very trustworthy. However, shortly after the million was gone, the sum of the vault, was the Bank woman at 25. June 2018 arrested.

according to The investigation, you should have a Central role in the Bank robbery taken. The backgrounds are adventurous: in the evening the million-Deposit Mary M. is supposed to have one of their sons, Paul M., of the rich client told. He is now suspected to have some friends of the million total in the lockbox reports. Investigators assume that in December of 2017, a gang of several persons mentat together to steal the money. Overall, it was determined against seven men.

Maria M. you have with the internal information from the Bank-the branch supplies. Then one of the suspects opened on 1. December 2017, first of all, a checking account and 4. December 2017, also a locker in the Commerzbank. In this context, he also received an access card to the vault at the Bank. With an accomplice he should have just tried four days later for the first Time to crack the safe of the rich Russian.

Also on may 2. February and 1. March 2018, both of them were in the Bank at the end of 4,62 million euros were missing. However, after several house searches, the money showed up yet again! It is striking, a number of other Bank employees knew of the millions. "With such an extraordinary sum had been around," says an employee.

it is No surprise that only five million euros, can deliver a money transport to the Bank. In total, it took seven armored vehicles, to the approximately 32 million Euro store in the store at the promenade space. After tz information at least two other employees had to do next to Mary M. with the locker opening. But Only against the Bank to the clerk of the suspicion was directed. She is currently in custody in the prison in Stadelheim.

The tz asked your lawyer Markus schollmeyer, but this provides no information: "at The present stage of the proceedings, I do not want to Express myself." Whether against Commerzbank is determined, does not reveal the Prosecutor's office. Also, the Bank is silent. Are not excluded from investigation in this context. Because it should be clear that Supervisory measures, fines up to a Million Euro.

million room in Munich: employee notice at first nothing

initial report of 14. May 2019:

Munich - The promenade space is one of the finest addresses in the city. Here, between the Bavarian court and the Church of our lady, the flagship store of the Munich-based Commerzbank. After tz information has played in it one of the largest Bankraube the last few decades – quite unnoticed by the Public. A total of 4,62 million euros from a Bank branch Deposit stolen. And still there is the money, no trace...

RAID on Commerzbank in Munich: The mysterious Russians-millionaire

The incredible story begins on the 29. November 2016: On this day a Russian came to the promenade and asked Commerzbank to a locker: she wanted to Deposit money. A Lot Of Money. A total of 36 million US dollars (32 million euros). In the Bank, it was fast, frantic, because the rich client wanted to insure the money. This was not possible. The emplacement of your money. Hard to believe: a Total of seven boxes were used, all the Notes stored in notes of 200 and 500 Euro. Secretly a money brought a Transporter to the millions of the lady to the Bank, where they were securely locked. To do this, had to agree to tz information, even the branch Manager.

Bank robbery in Munich: employees will not notice anything

a Little more than a year later, was a part of the money suddenly. Stolen from one of the lockers, which had allegedly broken two criminals. Surveillance cameras documented the Bank robbery: for the First time on 8. December 2017 entered, the two men in the store during the day, and were later also in the vault to see. With a red Trolley suitcase you left the Commerzbank – without, that an employee noticed something. Unbelievable: Two more times, on 2. February and 1. March 2018, had entered the same men again in the Bank, such as the camera-analysis showed. Next to them is to be seen in a recording, even a customer, looking amazed. But the perpetrators have not been caught until today. Not even in the official police report of the Bank robbery had appeared. The Bank even kept him a secret.

authorities are investigating the Bank robbery at Munich promenadeplatz

On demand of the Prosecutor's office of Munich I confirms ongoing investigation in the case, on the content, however, covered. "This method, I will give out the determination tactical reasons, there is currently no information," said Prosecutor Anne Leiding. According to tz information, there are several Suspects, the sitting partially in the U-imprisonment in stadelheim. The question remains open of how so much money could simply disappear from the Bank.

+ the scene of the crime: The Commerzbank on promenade square.©Sigi Jantz

For anyone who wants to in the vault and the locker room of the branch, must first go through the switch area on the various funds over, and then in a separate corridor, two doors with Magnet-reading devices to pass. For admission you need a special PIN number, in addition, each customer is registered with a map and Video. How could come into the perpetrators so unnoticed, and the Bank later, completely unmolested leave and the whole thing three Times in a row? To tell the million-loss of Commerzbank spokeswoman Renate Christ the just: "can the current process, we take no position."

index safe-Deposit box

Bank lockers are becoming more and more popular – in the case of the municipal savings Bank Munich, for example, 99 percent of the 6300 lockers are occupied. Similarly, in the case of VR Bank München Land: In more than half of their business there are no free slots anymore. The reason is that banks pay on Savings interest rates are so low and more and more people in the precious metals invested, the spokesman for the two banks. "A lot of customers say, you have to home in fear of break-ins," explains a spokesman for the city savings Bank. In both banks, nobody had been tried to the boxes to break open. In lockers, cash, jewellery, precious metals, deeds, securities, stamps, saving books, and documents may be stored. However, The Bank employees don't even know what's in it. Since the Bank secrecy applies.

A Bank robbery at the Munich Central station, keeps the police on their toes, they even had to use helicopters to search for the culprit.

Date Of Update: 16 May 2019, 12:00