5 tips and tricks for getting started on Wild Hearts

Wild Hearts is a dense and complex game, offering a new universe for a difficult to master RPG.

5 tips and tricks for getting started on Wild Hearts

Wild Hearts is a dense and complex game, offering a new universe for a difficult to master RPG. To give you a boost in your first steps in the game, here are our tips.

The genre of monster hunting games, supported for several years by Capcom and its Monster Hunter license, has just recently welcomed a newcomer. Wild Hearts, produced by Koei Tecmo and Electronic Arts, presents an ambitious, original and refreshing universe. While sometimes missing the mark in some elements of its gameplay, it's still an excellent experience, featuring intense combat, rewarding exploration, and palpable progression. As a result, new hunters arrive in large numbers in Azuma, in search of challenge, glory and wealth. If you are new to Wild Hearts, here are our 5 tips to accompany your first excursions in nature.

The Dragon Pits are extremely important in Wild Hearts, they are real energy wells to unlock that will allow you to summon Dragon Karakuri (static objects of importance that are not easily destroyed and useful for your journey) in different zones in order to create camp fires, hunter's tents or a field forge. These facilities are so essential to the proper preparation of your fights against the Kemono that it is important to have the resources to summon them without problems. If you are unable to summon any more Dragon Karakuri, you have the option of unlocking a new Dragon Pit, augmenting an existing Dragon Pit, or destroying your permanently remaining Karakuri on the map. Unlocking as many Dragon Pits as possible will be a great boost for the start of your adventure.

Crystals are one of the most important resources in Wild Hearts, since they can allow you to unlock the Dragon Pits. You will find them very often during your exploration, but more particularly in certain situations. For example, if you come across a skeleton on your way above which a dozen butterflies are floating, it is an important cache of crystals to be searched absolutely!

In Wild Hearts, it's not just about slaying ancient and furious beasts. You will also have the opportunity to come across different harmless creatures during your many journeys. However, these little beasts can each produce resources that will be extremely useful to you in the progression and improvement of your items. To get them, you will first need to unlock the recipe for Karakuri: Wild Animal Cage using your Kemono orbs (obtained by killing Giant Kemono). You can then capture said creatures when you come across them in the forests of Azuma.

Wild Hearts does not hesitate to remind you of the existence of the hunting towers very early in the game, and several times. These towers are Karakuris that you can build anywhere in Azuma. They will allow you to spot the Kemono and Giant Kemono prowling around, and thus warn you of a possible hunt. This is an essential aspect in your progress since chaining hunts allows you to accumulate more Kemono orbs, more resources, and to progress faster in the game.

If Wild Hearts is a solo game in the first place, it also includes hunts in cooperation with other players. However, if a Kemono hunt seems too difficult for you, you always have the option of collaborating with other Kemono hunters for a slightly more joyful experience. Kidding aside, dying solo can be very punishing since you only get two lives per hunt, while in a multiplayer hunt your allies can still revive you mid-combat.