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Drivers pay thousands of dollars for license plates
The most important messages at a Glance: Nato accuses Russia for the first time, in clear breach of disarmament agreements (18.13 hrs)CDU party chair: Schäuble

News: Schäuble promotes in the struggle to CDU party leader for Merz

The most important messages at a Glance: Nato accuses Russia for the first time, in clear breach of disarmament agreements (18.13 hrs)CDU party chair: Schäuble

News: Schäuble promotes in the struggle to CDU party leader for Merz

The most important messages at a Glance:

Nato accuses Russia for the first time, in clear breach of disarmament agreements (18.13 hrs)CDU party chair: Schäuble advertises publicly for Merz (17.19 PM)AfD country Manager in the Kiel Landtag, Doris von Sayn-Wittgenstein, excluded (14.40 hours)the IAAF maintains lock of the Russian athletics Federation (13.59 PM)of France head of government to protest a tax increase (12.49 PM)

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+++ 18.45: British parliamentarians in distress: toilets failed +++

Even still, just before the days-long debates about the Brexit agreement have failed, many of the toilets in the ailing British Parliament. The members of the house of Commons is a quite "uncomfortable night threatened," reported the British news Agency PA. A Parliament spokesperson said that it was not clear when the port-a-potties again.

"a water shock! ... The flushing of the Lokusse not working," tweeted a member of Parliament. It was expected that the members of Parliament until deep in the night on the controversial Treaty to the EU to discuss outlet. In the next few days, debates are planned. 11. February to vote of the deputies in the lower house over the Brexit Treaty.

The Palace of Westminster has about 1100 rooms. Parts of the huge complex right on the Thames date from the middle ages. For decades only the bare minimum patched was on the inside and the outside. So many of the about 4000 window not closing properly. In the building there is also plenty of hazardous to health is used, in the end, asbestos. The Westminster Palace is a Unesco world heritage site.

+++ 18.44 PM: house of Mays government added heavy defeat to +++

The discussions on the Brexit agreement in the British house of Commons began with a heavy defeat for the government of Prime Minister Theresa May. The deputies voted on Tuesday by a majority of 311 against, with 293 votes for, one of the opposition Labour party, which attests to the government's contempt of Parliament.

the Background is the original refusal of the government to the house of the complete version of an internal legal opinion of the attorney-General about the Brexit agreement with the EU. As a reaction to the vote defeat, the government relented on Tuesday evening immediately: it announced that it would publish the document on Wednesday.

+++ 18.13 watch: Nato accuses Russia for the first time, in clear breach of the disarmament agreement before +++

The Nato countries have accused Russia of closed for the first time to break with new cruise missiles against the INF disarmament Treaty on nuclear medium-range weapons. We call on Russia to immediately and verifiably back to full contract to manufacture loyalty, announced Nato Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg after a meeting of foreign Ministers in Brussels.

+++ 17.53 PM: France falters police for "yellow West"-Demos +++

After the serious riots during protests of the "yellow West" from the weekend France is expanding its police forces. Interior Minister Christophe Castaner, announced on Tuesday in Paris, the mobilization of more than 65,000 security forces for the coming Saturday. Then be expected in the capital and other places in new demonstrations.

At the same time, Castaner called for a hearing in the legal Affairs Committee of the Senate, all "reasonable yellow the West to distance themselves from extremists" and not to demonstrate on Saturday in Paris. There rioters had aimed last weekend, millions of dollars of damage, more than 260 people were injured.

+++ 17.42 PM: the protection of the Constitution must Maaßen information, to Meet with AfD +++

The Federal office for the protection of the Constitution (BfV), have a court order a journalist with information to Meet its former President Hans-Georg Maaßen with AfD politicians. There were no operative procedures should be provided in the rule information, noted the judges of the administrative court of Cologne in the on Tuesday published the decision. The flat rate reference to confidentiality is not sufficient to justify an exception.

staff of the office should not speak outside of the parliamentary control panel with the third parties only on the content, the attitude to be a secret in need of. A request for Information about such content is, in principle, correspond to. An appeal against the ruling can be appealed to the higher administrative court of Münster had to decide. The BfV did not comment on the request to the decision.

+++ 17.28 watch: court awards a teacher of the charge of the body injury-free +++

A Hessian teacher has been acquitted of assault and battery on two students. It was unclear whether the man had acted in the two cases, with intent, was the verdict of the local court in Bad Homburg on Tuesday. In addition, the young women had not been affected by the fact of a vocational school considerably. The 50-Year-old was accused of been a 18-Year-old during a break in the class room and beaten a 23-Year-old to the ground, thrown to have. The man had denied the allegations.

+++ 17.19 PM: Wolfgang Schäuble promotes in the struggle to CDU party leader for Merz +++

President of the Bundestag Wolfgang Schäuble (CDU) has now also openly of his preference for the former Union parliamentary leader Friedrich Merz as a future CDU-chief. "It would be Best for the country, when Friedrich Merz, will receive a majority at the party Congress", Schäuble said the "Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung" (Wednesday edition). Already since some time, there are reports that Schäuble Merz supports his candidacy.

A choice of Merz of the CDU-in-chief would "make it easier to come back to an Integration of the political forces in the middle", Schäuble said the "FAZ". The political borders would be weaker.

+++ 16.31 PM: No evidence of wolf attack in lower Saxony +++

For the alleged attack of a wolf, lower Saxony, Steinfeld, scientists have found no evidence. The DNA analysis in the order of the lower Saxony Ministry of environment had not provided appropriate evidence, said a spokeswoman in Hanover on Tuesday. Details wanted to present environment Minister, Olaf Lies (SPD) in the afternoon.

A municipality worker was bitten on Tuesday of last week in the small town around 30 kilometres North-East of Bremen, as he reported to the police later. The man worked, therefore, kneeling at the fence of a green area of the cemetery. He handle to the rear, was taken prisoner and held his Hand suddenly. He looked around and was convinced a Wolf to see, of course, had snapped. Three more wolves had observed the action with some distance, the man. Then he was able to free himself and the animals expel. A day later, the 55-Year-old his Hand looked at.

+++ 16.02 PM: Zschäpe could be moved from Munich to Chemnitz +++

Beate Zschäpe, who was sentenced in the NSU trial to life imprisonment, may Institute in the foreseeable future, of Munich, in the prison (JVA) will be transferred to Chemnitz. This is one of two possibilities will be examined according to data from justice circles. First, the Chemnitz-based "Free press reports" about it. Official information about it was initially. Of the JVA München-Stadelheim, it said on Tuesday only, nor was Zschäpe in Munich. However, there are soundings, whether a transfer zschäpe's possible, either in Bavaria or "close to home".

+++ 15.56 PM: US Secretary Ross calls for greater U.S. production of the German car maker +++

US trade Minister Wilbur Ross has take the German car maker ahead of a peak in Washington prompted more production in the United States. The goal is to reduce the US trade deficit with Germany in the case of cars and car parts, said Ross, the financial news channel CNBC. The associated "hopefully, with increased production in the United States." It is important to get a large part of the future electric car production in the States, Ross said.

+++ 15.32 PM: at Least three Dead in Explosion in shopping centre in Malaysia +++

In the case of an Explosion in a shopping centre in the Malaysian city of Kuching killed on Tuesday at least three people and two dozen more have been injured. The explosion cause was initially unclear, according to the fire Department, it was not triggered by a bomb. The state news Agency Bernama reported, that it was possibly due to a leak in a gas tank. Among the dead were three men.

According to fire chief Wan Abdul Mubin, the Detonation occurred at a business on the ground floor, renovated. On the video recordings was to see how several people in front of the store, whose facade was torn away, to help cried. An eye-witness said he had seen immediately after the Explosion, workers from the Shop race. Some of them are difficult to have been injured.

+++ 15: 27: Schäuble: Merz will be loyal to Merkel +++

President of the Bundestag, Wolfgang Schäuble, to the loyalty of Friedrich Merz to German Chancellor Angela Merkel (CDU), according to its own figures no doubt. "I made the decision to be loyal to Angela Merkel. And Friedrich Merz will also", said the CDU politicians from Berlin's "Tagesspiegel". Merz is one of the three prominent candidates for Merkel's successor on the party tip, in addition to the Minister of health, Jens Spahn, and Secretary-General, Annegret Kramp-karrenbauer.

+++ 14.40 PM: Controversial AfD country Manager Doris von Sayn-Wittgenstein needs to go +++

The AfD in the schleswig-Holstein Landtag has excluded the country's President, Doris von Sayn-Wittgenstein from the group. The confirmed Sayn-Wittgenstein when you Leave a group meeting in Kiel. "I've been excluded," she said. Background the ratio of the 64-Year-olds to the protection of the Constitution of Thuringia as a right-wing extremist classified "club memorial." The club is on the incompatibility list for AfD memberships. The Compounds of Sayn-Wittgenstein to the Association, however, there are contradictory statements. According to the AfD group chief Jörg Nobis Sayn-Wittgenstein had not only confirmed that she had called years ago for the support of the Association. Rather, they have also explains that she was there, been a member for years. In contrast, Sayn-Wittgenstein claimed that she was a member of the Association, and it had not been also. She admitted, however, to have for the club in 2014, advertised.

+++ 14.35 PM: train punctuality continues to decline - a result of the ICE-Brands +++

The long-distance trains of the Deutsche Bahn have been in the past month, again, more often too late. The punctuality rate was according to information from the Deutsche Presse-Agentur in November, at 70.4 percent. In October, compared to 71.8 percent in September and 72.7 percent.

the deterioration in The February number of the railway reasoned with the consequences of a fire in a ICE-train at 12. October. On the high-speed line Cologne-Frankfurt is a Track up to 18. November locked. The associated large diversions on the busy corridor would be delays in the Near - and long-distance traffic caused.

+++ 14.08 PM: violence against women - thousands expected to Protest in Tel Aviv +++

To be a Demonstration against violence against women in the Israeli Tel Aviv, according to media reports, on Tuesday evening, thousands of participants in the center of the city awaits. After the alleged murders of two young girls in the past week, there have already been several protest actions in Israel. Several women's organisations are demanding from the government the equivalent of almost 60 million euros for a programme for the protection of women, such as the Israeli Radio reported.

The government had approved a programme with an appropriate Budget already in 2017, but the money is not provided. Around 300 companies and public bodies supported the protests across the country.

+++ 13.59 PM: IAAF maintains lock of the Russian athletics Federation +++

The world athletics Association IAAF maintains the suspension of Russia. The IAAF Council looks after the uncovering of the Doping scandal remains with all the conditions for a return of the Russian athletes in the world meets sport, as it is announced.

+++ 13: 53: Pompeo U.S. withdrawal from agreement on climate protection +++

US Secretary of state Mike Pompeo defends has tried to justify the planned American withdrawal from the Paris climate protection agreement, again with allegedly unfair provisions. "The UN climate agreements are seen by some Nations simply as a means to wealth redistribution," he said at an event of the Foundation, the German Marshall Fund in Brussels. "The current Pact would have simply siphoned off money from American Paychecks and polluters such as China enriched."

Pompeo said, while in Poland the 24. The UN climate summit to be running. Representatives from nearly 200 countries are negotiating in Katowice (Katowice) for two weeks about how the historic decisions of the Paris conference on climate change, can be complemented in 2015 by a clear set of rules for implementation and Review. In Paris, it was decided to limit global warming to below 2 degrees, preferably 1.5 degrees.

+++ 13.36 PM: the case of Sami A. city of Bochum, applied for waiver of the retrieval Assembly +++

In the case of the controversialn the removal of the alleged Islamist dangerous founder Sami A. has requested the city of Bochum, the judicial Return order for the man to lift. This is the administrative court of Gelsenkirchen informed on request of the German press Agency. The request had been expected after the administrative court had canceled the deportation ban, the 42-Year-old two weeks ago, on a provisional basis. If, on the request this year is decided, is open.

The hasty deportation of Sami A. on 13. July had caused considerable dispute between the judiciary and politics. The day before the administrative court had prohibited the deportation, as the decision was sent to the competent authorities, sat, Sami A. however, already on the plane to Tunis. The court rebuked the conduct of the authorities, and ordered the immediate return of Sami. Two months later, the court noted that Sami has A. made in Tunisia everything in his Power to gain possession of the re-entry of the necessary passport. In the autumn there was an assurance of the Tunisian state, according to Sami A. threaten there is no torture and inhuman treatment. The court overturned subsequently, on 21. November, the deportation ban.

+++ 12.49 PM: France's head of government, after protests tax increase from +++

After the riots and mass protests by the "yellow West" from the French government's planned tax increases on petrol and Diesel for six months. No tax to justify it to endanger the unity of the Nation, said Prime Minister Édouard Philippe in Paris in a televised address.

+++ 12.49 PM: police holds a Suspect in the case of the missing schoolgirl Georgine +++

Twelve years after the traceless Disappearance of the Berlin student Georgine Krüger, the police has taken a strongly suspicious man. The Prosecutor's office said. Previously, the newspaper "had reported, for example," about that. The then-14-year-old Georgine rose in 2006 from a Bus in Berlin-Moabit, then their track was lost. You disappeared until today.

+++ 12.49 PM: Toyota terminated cooperation with the German environmental aid +++

The car maker Toyota ended its long-standing cooperation with the German environmental aid. A spokesman from Toyota Germany in Cologne. First, the "Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung" reported about it. The spokesman said Toyota had still been working on a project with the environmental aid, it went to Hybrid Taxis. The project from the course now. Also, the German environmental aid (DUH) confirmed the end of the cooperation.

Toyota has contributed over the project a "low five-figure sum" for the financing of environmental assistance, the spokesman said. Toyota have supported for 20 years, only a small number of projects of the DUH. "We have never done anything against the Diesel." The decision is not in the context of increasing criticism from the policy and the car industry at the DUH. The German environmental aid has been set by actions in several German cities, Diesel-driving bans.

+++ 12.30 PM: poll: should refund for delays of 30 minutes money +++

Many rail customers for Delays earlier than previously prescribed compensation. In a survey conducted on behalf of the traffic club Germany (VCD), nearly half of users of long-distance traffic for the Deutsche Bahn had to refund a quarter of the fare for delays of 30 minutes. Under current law, a refund will only be 60 minutes late due. Nearly 40 percent of the passengers want to in addition, a simpler refund without form, but about your mobile App. The VCD presented in Berlin his "train test 2018/19".

+++ 12.15 PM: 45 per cent of all Senior citizens in Germany +++

In Germany alone, about 45 percent of the women aged 65 years alone in a household for men in this age group, only around 20 per cent are living alone. Overall, living Alone make up among the elderly with a share of 34 percent, according to the Federal Statistical office on the Basis of the results of the microcensus for 2017 announced. The most senior of life, therefore, the inside and the elderly with a spouse or a spouse in the household (59 percent). This meet, however, significantly more likely to be older men (74 percent) than older women (48 percent). With age, this difference between the sexes is growing once again: The statistics show that 73 percent of elderly women aged 85 and over alone - with men of the same age group, this only applies to a third.

+++ 12.06 PM: top of the CDU's workers 'wing, favored Kramp-Karrenbauer as Chairman +++

In the competition for the CDU party chair, has made the top of the CDU's workers' wing, a media report according to Annegret Kramp-karrenbauer. In a letter to the delegates of the Christian Democratic workforce (CDA) for the CDU party Congress in writing of the CDA Chairman, Karl-Josef Laumann that he was "very glad that at least Annegret Kramp-Karrenbauer has taken our content, thoughts already" reported "Focus Online". In an interview with the CDA-the Executive Board of the CDU General Secretary, have shared "many of our Concerns" and for "concrete Changes" pronounced, is quoted Laumann. "There is noticeable, that you already for almost 30 years, a member of the CDA and a sense of our heart issues."

+++ 11.41 PM: the number of work hours in Germany to a record high +++

The number of hours worked has climbed in Germany, according to a study, to a record high. In the third quarter of this year, workers worked a total of 15,64 billion hours - 1.4 percent more than in the prior-year period, such as the Institute for labour market and occupational research (IAB), reported in Nuremberg. This was the highest level since 1991, the think tank of the German Federal employment Agency (BA).

+++ 11.39 PM: Successfully gertrennte Siamese twins be allowed to leave the +++

Almost one and a half years after its operational separation made redundant two formerly conjoined twin girls from the hospital in Bangladesh. The two-year-old sisters Tofa and Tahura were on Monday night, as the Doctors said. The back and the rectum are grown together, the babies had been separated in August of 2017, in a nine-hour Operation in which two dozen Doctors were involved. Her condition had "improved considerably," said the pediatric surgeon Shahnoor Islam, who had led the surgical Team at the first Operation of this kind in Bangladesh. "You can go out and play like normal babies." Her mother appeared happy, and she had never thought that her children "enterednnt" and a "healthy life" could be said Shahida Begum. The parents, poor farmers from the Northern district of Gaibandha, had given up hope, as you were told, that there is in Bangladesh, no Doctors, and the surgery abroad is too expensive.

+++ 10.28 PM: Luxembourg is pushing for legalization of the recreational use of Cannabis preceded by +++

Luxembourg, the legalization of Cannabis is pushing for recreational use for adults. On Monday, the three parties of the future government coalition - Liberal, socialists and Green - achieved an agreement. This provides that in the legislative period from 2018 to 2023 manufacture, purchase, possession and consumption of Cannabis for the personal needs of the Adult penalty, or legalized to be made to conditions yet to be defined. The revenue from the sale of Cannabis is to be invested according to the government, primarily in the prevention of addiction. For more details, as well as the time frame for the planned measures are not yet known.

+++ 10.25 am: the government and the rebels in Yemen, an exchange of hundreds of prisoners +++

In Yemen agree to have agreed the government and rebels ahead of the planned peace talks in Sweden on the exchange of hundreds of prisoners. As the prisoner Ombudsman said the Yemeni government, Hadi Haig, the AFP news Agency, it is about 1500 to 2000 fighters, the government troops, and 1000 to 1500 fighters of the Houthi rebels. The International Committee of the Red cross (ICRC), welcomed the agreement.

+++ 9.53 PM: attorney General: Islamist terrorism in Germany before the refugee movement 2015 +++

attorney General Peter Frank holds a link between terrorist threat and refugees inadmissible. "Islamist terrorism is not something that has only come in the year 2015, according to Germany," he said the düsseldorf "Rheinische Post". "It would be wrong, therefore, to be every refugee to suspect that an Islamist Terrorist." The attack on the World Trade Center in New York on 11. September 2001 had been planned in Germany. Frank also recalled the so-called suitcase bombers in 2006, the Sauerland group in 2007, the foiled attack of the "düsseldorf cell" in 2001, and the attempted attack on the Bonn main station in 2013. "All of this happened independently of the movement of Refugees in 2015," said Frank. However, his authority knows, also, that the IS needs the movement of Refugees is miss, and in this way, subsequent offender to Western Europe have passed.

+++ 9.48 PM: the Designated chief of the Cosa Nostra in Sicily arrested +++

The Italian police has arrested in a major blow against organized crime, dozens of suspected mafia members, including the future mafia boss Settimino Mineo. The 80-year-old Mineo, and at least 45 more Suspects were taken by the investigators in Sicily, as authorities reported representatives and the media. The arrest Mineos was shortly before his enthronement as the chief at a Meeting of the Cosa Nostra.

+++ 8.53 PM: Italy announces in a dispute with the EU for the coming hours a new budget +++

In the budget dispute with the EU to be presented by the Italian government, according to the Prime Minister, Giuseppe Conte in the "coming hours" a new draft budget. His goal was to prevent an excessive deficit procedure against Italy, said Conte of the newspaper "Avvenire". The new Italian proposal will lead to the EU not to Commission such a procedure is "in consideration".

+++ 8.36 PM: police interrogates, in the case of the killed 17-Year-old on Tuesday, witnesses +++

Two days after the discovery of a dead 17-Year-olds in Sankt Augustin, the police want to hear on Tuesday a number of witnesses. A police spokesman said in the Morning in Bonn. Re-Questioning the 19-Year-old who has confessed to the killing of the girl, was not initially planned. For the investigator, it is important to prove the Suspect delivered Version of the Facts. "There are still a lot of work to do," said the spokesman.

+++ 8.32 PM: government circles: French government moves to increase the Eco-tax +++

In the conflict with the "yellow West"protest movement, the French government wants to 1. January lay announced increase in the environmental tax on Diesel and petrol for the time being on ice. From government circles in Paris said, wants to be Prime Minister Edouard Philippe give the "suspension" of the tax increase to several months known on Tuesday. He wants to announce, therefore, also further measures to ease the conflict with the "yellow vests".

"yellow West"-protests in Paris, France is considering to riots, imposition of a state of emergency +++ 8.28 PM: water, Coca-Cola receives the Golden wind bag for the "three most ad-lie" +++

The food watch to be awarded the Golden wind bag for the "blatant advertising lie," goes this year to the Coca-Cola company. How the consumer protection organisation announced on Tuesday, kürten, the participants of the action of the "Smartwater" of the beverage manufacturer to the winner of the negative award. Foodwatch criticized the fact that the water "was better than conventional mineral water" - however, up to seven Times more cost.

+++ 8.15 PM: Israel destroyed Hezbollah-Tunnel +++

The Israeli army has according to own data with an application to Detect and Destroy tunnels of the Lebanese Shiite militia Hezbollah to the Israeli-Lebanese border started. "The organization Hezbollah (...) to continue their activities, which are supported by Iran and funded to create their infrastructure of Terror against Israeli civilians," said the army on Tuesday.

+++ 8.05 PM: the Euro-States agree on the Reform of the monetary Union +++

The States of the Eurozone have agreed on a Reform of the currency zone. This is a speaker of Euro-groups-chief Mário Centeno announced on Tuesday in the short message service Twitter. Details were not initially known.

+++ 6.55 PM: Commission of inquiry in to the missing students in Mexico +++

The new President of Mexico, Andrés Manuel López Obrador, a Commission of inquiry be established, as promised, to the Disappearance of 43 students four years ago. The left-wing politicians signed a decree establishing the Commission signed on Monday.

The 43 students of a left-known teacher seminar in südmexikanischen Ayotzinapa were disappeared in September 2014, as they wanted to a Demonstration in Mexico city. According to the Prosecutor General's office, the group was deported to the South of the state of Guerrero by corrupt police officers and the drug gang Guerreros Unidos to be delivered.

+++ 6.05 PM: the United States bid farewell to von deceased President Bush +++

In Washington have taken a number of people say goodbye to the deceased former US President George H. W. Bush. The coffin of the conservative politician was transferred on Monday from Houston in the US capital and at the start of the funeral ceremonies in the Capitol, laid out. Also US President Donald Trump and his wife Melania came to the with a US Flag-covered coffin and Bush the honour.

Trump had the coffin with the presidential plane Air Force One in Houston in the US state of Texas will pick up where the 41. US President, died last Friday at the age of 94 years.

+++ 5.09 PM: Pro ASYL criticized alleged planned deportation flight to Afghanistan +++

criticized for human rights organization Pro asylum for Tuesday's scheduled deportation flight to Kabul. "It is to deport irresponsible to Afghanistan, as the country decays more and more," said Pro-asylum-managing Director Günter Burkhardt, the AFP news Agency.

According to the authorities to be deported, especially offenders with flights to Afghanistan. "It is not clear who is considered the offender," criticized Burkhardt.

+++ 4.17 PM: for the First time, after a false start, re-space driver to be flown to the ISS +++

About two months after the dramatic failed launch of a Russian Soyuz rocket first flew a Crew to the International space station ISS. The rocket with a U.S. astronaut Anne McClain, the Russian Oleg Kononenko and the canadian David Saint-Jacques, started on Monday as planned from the Russian Baikonur cosmodrome.

After the separation of the third drive stage, the space ship headed for the Outpost of humanity, some 400 kilometers above the earth. The spaceman arrived about six hours later, as the US space Agency told Nasa.

+++ 1.05 PM: hundreds of right-wing extremists, despite the arrest warrants on the loose +++

nationwide, the hundreds of right-wing extremists, according to a report in the newspaper, to walk free, even though arrest warrants for them. 467 right-wing extremists were searched by warrant, and could not be enforced by the authorities but, because the accused were not found, reports the "Neue Osnabrücker Zeitung". This was clear from a reply of the Federal government to a Minor Interpellation of the Left party. The number had increased in the half year to the end of September.

+++ 0.13 at: Association of cities partially disappointed with diesel-summit +++

The German Association of cities has been shown to partially be disappointed with the results of the diesel summit. On the subject of Hardware retrofits, the Meeting had been "a sobering experience", said managing Director Helmut Dedy, the düsseldorf "Rheinische Post". Since the Ball spent more in the automotive industry. "She is the source of the problem and the Hardware should offer retrofit and conversion premiums nationwide."

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